Template of Legal Authorization Letter

A legal authorization letter is the letter which is used to transfer the authority of one person to the other. Here the authority means the rights by which the person gets the same rights as the original person had.

This legal authorization letter can be used at many such places where the legal rights come into the play. It basically works like the power attorney where one person can transfer the rights related to any property, or asset to the other and such other person gets all the rights regarding the ownership of such property.

Other than this the legal authorization letter can also be used to make the other person appear in the court of law on behalf of the original party, since the authority of appearing in the court of law is transferred to that other person.

You can get the template of this legal authorization letter from here, and can use it to transfer the legal authority to the other person.

Here are the characteristics of this template.

  • As the template has been designed in PDF Format which makes it easily transferable.
  • In case you want to make changes to this template you can do that by editing the template.
  • The PNG image file of this template can also be obtained from here.

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